Pets are happier at home
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Live On Chincoteague and Going Out of Town or Visiting the Island?  On vacation and need a break?...Pet sitting/walking available!
Whether you live on Chincoteague Island, or are here on vacation and don’t have the time, under the weather or just want to get away.  Care Free Pet Sitting is available to help ensure your pets are loved, even when you’re gone.
Care Free Pet Sitting services can give you peace of mind, knowing that your pet (your love/best friend) is in competent loving hands.
If you can't take them with you, pets are definitely happier when they are at home, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.  Your Care Free Pet Sitter is there when work, vacation or schedule conflicts take you away.
We provide exceptional care for your animal loved ones with all of our services personalized to meet your needs.  Whether it’s pet sitting, dog walking, an overnight stay or a trip to the vet; you can count on Care Free Pet Sitting to provide your pets with love and reassurance when you can’t be there.
Experts believe that from a pet’s perspective, a familiar environment, diet and exercise routine, along with the personal attention provided by a professional pet care-giver can minimize the trauma of an owner’s temporary departure. 
Pet sitting will provide your pets with: 
  • The ability to stay in familiar surroundings, and with familiar friends in multiple pet households.
  • Familiar smells, sounds, and surroundings allow your pet to eat, play, and sleep peacefully all day long.
  • Minimum exposure to other ill pets or pets with parasites
  • Individual attention from a single caring caregiver
  • Playtime with favorite toys and games
  • No disruption in regular potty schedule
  • The food, medicine, treats, toys, bedding and containment that the pet has grown to feel comfortable
In addition, you will not have to impose on family, friends or neighbors.  Nor will you have to worry about scheduling the transfer of the pet.  
Of course, Care Free Pet Sitting is also insured for your peace of mind.  You can put your worries aside and enjoy your vacation or concentrate on your job while receiving service from a professional Pet Sitter. 
Pet Updates detail the noteworthy events that transpire during each visit.  Depending on your travel plans, we will email each day’s journal entries to you at the end of the day.  That way you can stay connected with your pet’s busy life.  We know how important that connection is, and will do our best to alleviate any separation anxiety that may occur on your part.
All this means you will come home to happy pets who have been well cared for, so you and your pet can get right to the quality time!
Benefits for your pet:
  • Your pet stays on their routine.
  • Your pet feels safer, because they are in a familiar safe environment.
  • Your pet is not exposed to diseases or parasites from other animals.
  • Your pet receives individual attention from us, who love working with animals.
Benefits for you:
  • You can be away from home with the peace of mind that your pets are being cared for by a professional sitter.
  • You don't have to impose on friends, family or neighbors who may actually forget about your pet.
Why Should You Trust Me With The Precious Member Of Your Family?  I have 4-legged members of my family and I love them, as I would yours.  I know that every pet is unique and special.  It is my goal to provide and fill an important need in the life of your pet, by keeping them comfortable and happy while you’re away.
We will come to your home and care for your pet while you’re away.  Vowing to follow your pet care routine per your instructions, including feeding, watering and exercising.
We will also bring in the mail, newspapers, packages, alternating lights, adjusting blinds / drapes, and setting out and taking in the trash.
Mission Statement
Apply the highest standards of competency, care and companionship to the pets we serve.  Exceed the expectations of our clients to ensure complete and overall satisfaction.
  • We are committed to building strong, professional relationships with our clients that foster trust and credibility.
  • We are interested in serving animals to the best of our ability. 
  • We strive to show our clients at every opportunity how important they are to our success, reputation and growth.